Water Audit

Increasing industrial production, especially in water-intensive industries (like thermal power plants, pulp & paper, textiles, fertilizers, etc.) is already putting pressure on the limited freshwater resources in India and worldwide. Therefore, it is very critical that industries use water judiciously and reduce their water footprint as much as possible in order to be sustainable in the future. Water Audit and Water Footprint is a tool to capture the water consumption, identify associated costs, compare it with national and international benchmarks and mitigate the gap between the present specific consumption with the national and international norms

According to recent Government Guidelines (CWGA Notification dated 24/09/2020), All industries abstracting groundwater in excess of 100 m 3 /d shall be required to undertake an annual water audit through certified auditors and submit audit reports within three months of completion of the same to CGWA. 

QIC Protech Verification, India is having Certified Water Auditors and International Certified Water auditors to conduct water audits in line with CWGA.

QIC Protech is having rich experience in Water Audit training and delivered water audit training to different Organizations.

QIC Protech can help Organization below.
1) Assist Organizations to meet their regulatory requirements under CGWA Notification
2) Conduct Water Audit and Water Footprint Assignment 
3) Certification of ISO 46001:2019 - Water efficiency Management Systems 
4) Assist Organization with the implementation of AWS Standard and its Certification
5) Performance Assessment of STP/ETP 
6) Impact Assessment of Water Conservation projects constructed under CSR Projects

Why Water Audit
  • Water Audit meets the regulations compliance of industries as specified in CGWA notification.
  • Water Audit improves the knowledge and documentation of the distribution system, STP/ETP
  • Water Audit Identifies the problem and risk areas and a better understanding of what is happening to the water after it leaves the source point.
  • Leads to reduced water losses at sources, storage and distribution network.
  • Improved environmental and financial performance.
  • Help to Benchmark or calculate of Specific Water Consumption (SWC) of a product
  • Help to identify the reuse of STP/ETP-treated water
  • Help to calculate the Rain Water Harvesting Potential of a facility



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